Literature and Drama Specialization

From classical recitation to modern acting – that is a brief description of what the Literature and Drama Specialization offers.

The Literature and Drama Specialization is open to pupils from five to eighteen years of age that are interested in creative dramatic group work. The instruction is divided into three stages: (1) the preparatory stage, (2) the seven-year elementary stage, and (3) the four-year secondary stage.

We use preparatory games and exercises in order to develop pupils’ concentration, imagination, creativity, and communication skills. We guide them to explore themselves and the world so that they gain skills to express themselves in a refined and natural manner.

The instruction employs mainly creative dramatic plays, studies and improvisations, but we also use motoric, rhythmic and vocal games and exercises. We work with both literary texts and pupils’ own ideas. We teach various theatrical techniques and we develop individual theatrical skills. An important part of the curriculum is developing pupils’ abilities to critically evaluate their own performances.
The Literature and Drama Specialization includes public performances and concerts for parents and friends of the schools. Pupils also participate in various showcases and competitions.

The skills and abilities that pupils learn during their studies are useful in all areas of human activities that require a high level of communication competence, empathy, and creativity, such as in education, journalism, and social work.
The education acquired in the Literature and Drama Specialization forms a solid base for future studies at professional art schools and colleges.