Dance Specialization

In Dance Specialization, children first develop essential movement abilities and then gradually master the elements of classical ballet, modern dance, and folk dance.

The Dance Specialization has a long tradition in our school; it was established thirty years ago. We accept children between the ages of five and eighteen that are interested in the culture of movement, music and the art of dance. We help children to understand their own body and their locomotor system through music and movement. We teach them the correct posture and the incorporation of individual body parts into movement that consciously and aesthetically expresses specific emotions and thoughts.

During lessons, we focus on the development of children’s imagination and movement techniques, and at the same time we foster and strengthen children’s inner sensibility, perceptiveness, imagination, musical and spatial awareness, and independent creativity.

The instruction in the Dance Specialization is divided into three consecutive stages: (1) the preparatory stage, (2) the elementary stage, and (3) the secondary stage. The instruction includes rhythm and movement, and elements of classical, folk, and contemporary dance.

During the school year, the Dance Specialization organises public performances and concerts for parents and friends of the school. We cooperate with the other specializations to prepare the Christmas Concert and we hold the Final Performance at the end of the school year in the Mlejn Community Centre in Stodůlky. We also participate in various showcases and competitions with great success. We recommend visiting open days at secondary art schools (the Prague Conservatoire etc.) especially to those pupils who plan to continue their studies there. We also recommend visiting ballet performances in the National Theatre and other performances.

The Dance Specialization uses a thought-out methodology that develops pupils’ potential for participation in various ensembles and for a further professional study at art schools such as conservatoires and academies.