About school

About school


The Elementary School of Arts, Prague - Stodůlky, is located in K Brance Street No. 72. The school was established in 1961 in the building of the former local school in Stodůlky. The school is easily accessible to the public thanks to the nearby underground station Stodůlky and the bus stop Kovarova-KD Mlejn. It is also close to several elementary schools, which makes it easy for their pupils to devote their free time to meaningful activities in our school.


The school building underwent substantial reconstruction between 2004 and 2006. The school was set up by the school authority of the Capital City of Prague and was entered into the School Register under Articles 141-159 of Act 561/2004 Coll., as elementary schools are. Today, the school offers four specializations to 720 students, which is its maximum capacity.  The school also offers lessons in separate locations at two local elementary schools with excellent transport accessibility.

Five Stages of Instruction

The instruction at the Elementary School of Arts in Stodůlky is organised into five stages: the preparatory stage, the elementary stage, the preparatory stage for the secondary level, the secondary stage, and instruction for adults. Each stage is available for the Music Specialization, the Dance Specialization, the Fine Arts Specialization, and the Literature and Drama Specialization.

Individual and Group Lessons

The instruction in each specialization has both individual and group forms. We devote special attention to all children to develop their individual talents to help them succeed in the specialization of their choice. The education of students accepted before academic year 2012-2013 is organized on the basis of the curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. Students accepted in 2012 and later are educated on the basis of the School Educational Programme.

In 2010 the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic approved the Framework Educational Programme for elementary schools of art. Based on this document, all elementary schools of arts in the Czech Republic created their own School Educational Programme during 2010 and 2011.

The School Educational Programme of the Elementary School of Arts in Stodůlky is called Walk through the Gates of Art. It includes a brief description of the school, its focus and vision, its educational strategies, and the curriculum for each specialization. The programme also contains chapters describing the instruction of pupils with special needs and the assessment of students. The programme provides information about what we teach and about our results not only to our students but also to the general public.
Students are accepted based on the results of a board examination in accordance with Regulation 71/2005 Coll. For more information about the acceptance procedure, please consult the School Regulations.

School Ensembles

Our students can practise their skills in one or more school ensembles. The ensembles that are actively involved in the artistic life of our school include the folk ensemble Melodika, Children’s Choir Stodůlky, a dance ensemble, and the Big Band. Recent additions to our community include an accordion ensemble, a guitar ensemble, a popular music orchestra, and a chamber orchestra. For more details about activities of these ensembles, go to the School Ensembles link in the menu.

Public Events and Concerts

Presentations of our students’ skills are an integral part of life at our school. We organise regular student concerts and public concerts, special occasion concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions. Our school cooperates with the municipal authority of Prague 13, senior centres and community centres, so our students learn to participate actively in public cultural life. Performances and showcases also demonstrate cooperation among different specializations. In promoting our activities, we cooperate with a local magazine STOP and local TV stations; we also inform schools and kindergartens by distributing leaflets and posting them on notice boards.

Cooperation and Development

Our school builds relationships with students and teachers of elementary schools of arts outside Prague. We also develop cooperation and partnerships with similar schools abroad. The Petar Konjović Elementary Music School in Belgrade became our first official partner school abroad during academic year 2010 - 2011.

School Authority

The Elementary School of Arts in Stodůlky was set up by the school authority of the Capital City of Prague with its seat at Mariánské náměstí 2, 110 01 Prague 1. The school is located at K Brance Street No. 72/2, 155 00 Prague 5. The school is a state-funded institution, registration number 67 361 471. You can contact us at phone number 235 518 336, or by email at info@zuspraha5.cz.